• Welcome to LESA Gaming

    Choose your role & strap in. Los Santos will always keep you busy!
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  • Welcome to LESA Gaming

    Fight the law, or abide by it. The choice is yours.
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  • Welcome to LESA Gaming

    Express yourself: cause a little havoc. Mayhem never hurt anyone...
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Who We Are

LESA Gaming

Since 2010, we have dedicated ourselves to our members. We are a family of friends, coming together to take on the challenge of roleplaying as first responders in a plethora of games (primarily GTA V). With enhanced vehicles, scripting, and common sense policy, we're here to have fun, patrol, make some arrests, and occasionally just mess around in our great FiveM server!

The Los Santos County Police

The Los Santos County Police will keep you busy with career paths ranging from patrol, investigations & covert ops, tactical response, and pursuit mitigation. With all this to choose from, there’s never a dull moment. More interested in keeping the cops on their toes? Join as a law-abiding citizen, host a car meet, shoot that guy who cut you off, become a taxi driver, rob the 24/7, or pull the next greatest heist!

Why us?

We offer you a PURE role play in its most expansive form. We allow trainers so people can build up their role play the way they want to, from the start. There is no blacklist (but the unique legal system we have might make certain weapons or vehicle modifications illegal [see if the cops can catch you]), so truly, you can be you at your most creative and role play to your hearts desire!

What We Offer

Blow your last undercover operation because you were the only Ford badged car on the street? It's Los Santos, not Los Angeles. We make sure everything we put in game speaks to that. We employ a fleet of lore friendly modified vehicles, weapons, and more. It fits the world we're in!
Our membership includes a diverse set of individuals, from all walks of life and age groups: police officers, students, white-collar workers, manufaturers. Everyone comes here with a unique point of view, morals, and ideas. Put on your boots, step into the life of an LSCP Officer, and get ready for one hell of a ride.
Every last piece of this community is built by our members. The vehicles, a codified set of laws, uniforms, all of it is created by members and voted on as a whole by the community. No decision is made without the input of one another. We mean it when we say "all lives matter."
Prove your mettle, rise up through the ranks, join speciality sections - Intelligence & Investigations, Traffic Safety, Airborne Interdiction, or even the redesigned Los Santos County Fire Department! The possibilites are endless, the options infinite, the excitement never stops!