MSKI8877 SHER posted Apr 11, 16

The Deputies of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department work tirelessly to...

protect life and property - 

together we make Los Santos a great place to live, work, and travel

enhance public trust - 

we hold ourselves to the highest standard to ensure the community we serve can count on us to be there when they need us

foster care and concern -

 we work as part of the community to foster good character, integrity, and loyalty to make Los Santos better & stronger every day.

The LSSD serves the entirety of both Los Santos and Blaine (through a contracted aid agreement) Counties, including the cities and towns of Los Santos, Davis, Del Perro, Rockford Hills, Chumash, Grapeseed, Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay, & Harmony. In order to effectively do so, the Department is comprised of the following Divisions:

  • The Office of the Sheriff
    The Sheriff of the LSSD is the highest-ranking within the department. As the general manager of the department he is responsible for the planning, administration, and general operations of the department. In addition, this Office is responsible for coordinating between the other two sections of the Department to develop continuing education training and certifications for Deputies within.
  • Patrol Operations Section 
    Patrol Operations oversees county-wide uniformed operations and is responsible for coordinating the department's proactive & reactive anti-crime efforts for efficient dealings with crime and social disorder. In addition, POS is responsible for tracking a newly hired deputies' progress through the department and implementing all continuing education certifications for the Deputies of the Department.
    • Patrol Section
      • West Division - Areas 12 & 17
      • Central Division - Areas 21, 25, & 26
      • North Division - Areas 33 & 34
  • Special Operations Branch
    The Special Operations Branch oversees county-wide plain clothes operations to include investigation and surveillance support for a wide variety of criminal activities throughout the county. In addition to this, SOB oversees the implementation and policy for the Air Support Service, Canine Response Team, and other related functions.
    • Traffic Safety Branch
    • Intelligence & Investigations Service
      • Robbery-Homicide Division 
      • Gang and Narcotics Unit
      • Force Investigation and Internal Affairs Unit
      • Crime Scene Analysis Unit


In South San Andreas, citizens and visitors may encounter Agents of the United States Patriotism & Immigration Authority and Officers of the Los Santos County Department of Probation & Parole, in addition to Deputies of the LSSD. Each agency has full arrest and law enforcement authority within the State of San Andreas and are held to the same legal standards as the LSSD but preform unique service functions such as immigration and customs enforcement or enforcement of our State's probation and parole system.