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LESA Gaming  -  Police & First Responder Role Play on FiveM
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Since 2010, LESA Gaming has stood proud as a group of role players who came together to patrol the streets of the GTA universe (and other games)!

What makes us different? There's hundreds of groups out there that have a plethora more scripting, more vehicles, more members, hardcore training... Let's cut to the chase: LESA Gaming does not, and will not have 'jobs,' a monetary currency system, and other random, tower climbing, repetitive crap. If you want that, play GTA Online. We are here to offer PURE role play in its most expansive form. We allow trainers so people can build up their role play the way they want to, from the start. There is no blacklist (but the unique legal system we have might make certain weapons or vehicle modifications illegal [see if the cops can catch you]), so truly, you can be you at your most creative and role play to your hearts desire!

What do we offer you? The Los Santos County Police will keep you busy with career paths ranging from patrol, investigations & covert ops, tactical response, and pursuit mitigation. With all this to choose from, there's never a boring moment. More interested in keeping the cops on their toes? Join as a law-abiding citizen, host a car meet, shoot that guy who cut you off, become a taxi driver, rob the 24/7, or pull the next greatest heist!

What does it take to join? Own a legal copy of GTA V, have or be willing to download TeamSpeak 3, speak English, and, if you want to be a police officer: be at least 16 years of age.

Ready to take the first step in joining? Visit or and fill out an application! We look forwarding to seeing you in game and as part of our segment of the Thin Blue Line.

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