LESA Gaming Server Policies

MSKI8877 SHER posted Apr 10, 16

Welcome to LESA Gaming! In order to uphold and maintain a server that provides an enjoyable experience for all involved, our community has adopted the following bylaws to govern the operations within our servers.

A- Roleplay appropriately! LESA Gaming’s servers are for roleplaying life events, situations, and scenarios. Use common sense and more importantly: your brain! Come up with scenarios that you would enjoy taking part in. Keep an open mind as others who get involved may not go in the direction you originally intended – let the story unfold, it is basically improv! Should someone violate community rules or policies in a roleplay situation, go with it and lodge a complaint with a supervisor on TeamSpeak or out of game. This includes cop baiting! Don’t just drive around being a right little twat to get into a police chase. Oftentimes you’ll be ignored, more likely you’ll be banned.

B- Give officers a chance to do their jobs. This is role playing! If you want to do a scenario, give officers something to go off of. Don’t just commit a crime and run away. You leave evidence behind – type in chat, engage the officers, tell them your character has left the scene but if they RP something like *searches garbage cans near mugging* tell them what they have found! Help the situation progress.

C- NEW LIFE RULE only applies if you die and change your character OR story. If you die, you must either select a new character or begin a new RP story.

D- Out-of-character information in an in-character context is prohibited. Example, if you are being arrested, you cannot tell your friend in TeamSpeak to come and kill the police officer involved as your character is indisposed and unable to actually make such a call.

E- Use of trainers, teleportation, no-clipping, or disconnecting to avoid detection/arrest/incapacitation/etc is prohibited. You may not no clip to quickly escape law enforcement or leave the game to avoid a jail sentence.

F- Understand we use the CODE OF SAN ANDREAS as our set of laws. This is a group created legal system that defines what is and is not illegal in our world. Some of our laws are not laws that appear in any actual state, some of them may not even be Constitutional. Nevertheless, if it is defined in the Code of San Andreas, it is ILLEGAL in our world!

G- Engage in our legal system! No one has the guaranteed right to a trial or attorney in San Andreas, but sometimes a judge may hear your case. Feel you’ve been wronged by police, ask for a trial! It isn’t guaranteed, but one of our judges may give you a chance to fight! Just remember to explain why you feel you should get a trail. Don’t forget to pay your tickets and citations! Got stuck with jail time? Suck it up, go through the brief sentence and move on!

H- Do not spawn multiple cars and leave them lying around. If you do spawn more than one vehicle, please either despawn or drop the one you’re not using in the ocean. Help keep our streets clean. To delete a vehicle, look at the car in question and push "K + DEL"

I- Aarr Dee Ehmming (RDMing) and explosives will get you banned in our servers. Have some method behind your madness. Do not just shoot someone because you felt like discharging your weapon. Simply being a criminal is not a valid reason to shoot someone. Some scenarios include using your weapon, but overuse can be considered RDM. Don’t be that guy. Furthermore, explosive devises not use for role play are prohibited in LESA Gaming Servers. Do not use them unless you’re trying to blow a vault, for example.

J- Glitch exploitation is prohibited. We strive to make the game fun for everyone. If you find a bug, tell us so we can fix it. Don’t exploit the glitch to give yourself an unrealistic upper hand. Don't run around as invisible, hide in walls when you're not involved, etc.

K- Come up with a full name for your character. Use a first and last name, something realistic.

L- The license plates “REBORN” or “FIVE M” will automatically be treated as stolen by the police. If you’re going to hyper mod your cars and basically cop bait with things that cannot be chased, have the decency to change your plates. Too many people have these tags, so now they get you arrested.

M- Links/URLs are prohibited from player’s user names or in the server in anyway. LESA Gaming, LESA TeamSpeak, and other LESA Gaming advertisements, links, etc, are exempted.

N- Aircraft, of any kind, are prohibited at all times. The only exception are members who are qualified to use them.